Special Projects/Exceptional Children

Mission Statement:  To become united within the district and within buildings with the common goal of empowering teachers and students to be successful in all endeavors.

District Expectations For Educators:
  • Be caring, optimistic, and passionate
  • Promote equality, individuality, and advocacy 
  • Improve communication among all stakeholders
  • Indulge in creative problem solving

Dr. Anna Powell, Director of Special Projects - anna.powell@montgomery.kyschools.us

Catherine Bailey, Lead School Psychologist - catherine.bailey@montgomery.kyschools.us

Julie Phillips, School Psychologist - julie.phillips@montgomery.kyschools.us

Savannah Benningfield, School Psychologist - savannah.benningfield@montgomery.kyschools.us
Megan Turner, Occupational Therapist - megan.turner@montgomery.kyschools.us


, Special Projects Secretary

Child Find 

All children can learn, but some learn differently. Some children need more help than others because they have a disability. We can help by accepting individual differences; at home, at work, and at school. Montgomery County Schools urges you, through Child Find, to give every child a chance to learn. If you have or know of an infant, toddler, child, or youth who has a disability and is not getting help, please call the Montgomery County Schools Special Projects Office at 859-497-8724. 
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