District Forms and Links

Open Records Request Form
Booster/Support Forms
Booster Budget PDF  
Booster Club Agreement PDF  
Fund Raiser Approval (fillable form) PDF  
Drill/Disaster Report PDF EXCEL
Facilities Request PDF  
In-School Facilities Request PDF WORD
2014-15 Financial Procedures PDF  
Asset Adjustment PDF WORD
Budget Impact Form   EXCEL
Competitive Quote PDF EXCEL
Fund Raiser Approval (fillable form) PDF  
Requistion Form (fillable) PDF  
Salary Schedules    
School Activity District Fund Multiple Receipt Form PDF  
Standard Invoice F75 PDF EXCEL
Human Resources
Certified Evaluation Plan, Instructions and Forms
Classified Employee Evaluation PDF  
Classified Evaluation Appeal PDF EXCEL
Employee Handbook PDF  
Substitute Teacher Handbook, 2014-15 PDF  
Employment Applications    
Employee Certification of Health Care Provider WH380E PDF  
Family Member Certification of Health Care Provider WH380E PDF  
KDE Medical Examination Of School Employees PDF  
Request Family and Medical Leave PDF  
Request Protected Health Info PDF  
Physical Performance Requirements for Initial Employment or Return to Work - Instructional Assistant, Childcare Worker, Lunchroom Monitor, Bus Monitor, Maintenance Worker, Computer Technician, Custodial Worker or Cook PDF  
Sick Leave - Request to Donate Sick Leave v2009 PDF  
Sick Leave - Request to Receive Donated Sick Leave PDF  
Sick Leave Bank - Usage Application V2009 PDF  
Accident Reports    
Student or Adult Visitor/Volunteer Accident Report PDF EXCEL
Student Accident Report Form PDF WORD
Student or Athlete Accident Claim Form PDF  
Workers Compensation Steps to Follow When Reporting an Injury    
Workers Compensation - Employee's Incident Report PDF WORD
Workers Compensation - Incident Investigation Report PDF  
Workers Compensation - First Report Injury/Illness PDF  
Leaves and Travel
Aesop Absence Reporting / Substitute Request System
District Mileage Chart
Current Mileage Reimbursement Rate    
Out-of-State Per Diem Rates    
Out-of-State Rates for First & Last Day of Travel    
Employee Request for Leave PDF  
Local Travel Form PDF WORD
Maternity/Adoption/Childrearing Leave PDF WORD
Travel Expense Invoice PDF WORD
Pupil Personnel
Student Enrollment Form 2014-2015
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Service Report
2014-15 Work Calendar PDF EXCEL
All Service Report Forms   EXCEL
Certified and Exempt Classified Time Sheet PDF EXCEL
Certified Service Report PDF EXCEL
Classified Service Report PDF EXCEL
Classified Substitute Worker Time Sheet PDF EXCEL
Classified Time Sheet PDF EXCEL
Substitute Teacher Time Sheet .pdf PDF EXCEL
Time/Extra Service Records .pdf PDF  
Access to Electronic Media-Acceptable Use Policy - Adopted/Amended 7/17/2012 PDF WORD
Access to Electronic Media
Reviewed/Revised 7/17/2012
Electronic User Agreement Form PDF WORD
Technology Equipment Relocation Request PDF EXCEL
Transportation / Field Trips
Field Trip Medical Roster Instructions PDF WORD
Field Trip Medical Roster PDF EXCEL
Permission for Adult to Ride Bus PDF WORD
Request for Bus PDF WORD
Student Trip Permission Slip PDF WORD
Background Check Form PDF  
Mentor Feedback Form Directions to fill out PDF PDF WORD
Comprehensive School Improvement Plans
District Policies and Procedures
Kentucky Department of Education
Kentucky Teacher KDE Publication
KET EncycloMedia
Kentucky Center for School Safety
Kentucky Virtual Schools
Kentucky Virtual Library
School Nutrition & Physical Activity Report Card
Utilities Comparison Report

YMCA Black & Hispanic Achievers Program