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Baesha Bridges

7th Grade

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Welcome to 7th grade Science!

Hello! I have had the privilege of working at McNabb for the past 9 years. I have twin boys who are almost three years old. If I am not researching new science activities, I am playing outside with my wild kids! I am ecstatic to begin this school year at McNabb.  I feel privileged and honored to work with all of my students,  each and every one of you!

This year our class will explore the world through scientific eyes! We will begin this year on the order of biological structures: cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and organisms. We will finish the first half of the year learning how these organisms function as a unit from populations, communities, and eventually ecosystems.  The second semester will consist of an introduction to chemistry and physics!  A lot of engaging, thought-provoking labs will be carried out this year.  I want my students to walk out of my class knowing how to ask questions, critically evaluate a problem, and determine the steps necessary to reach the solution. I'm looking forward to a phenomenal year!



There will be two categories for grading: Summative Assessments (tests) is 50% of your student's total grade and Formative Assessments (bell-ringers/classwork) make up 50%. These scores are then averaged each nine weeks to create a final grade. Below is the scoring for Summative Assessments. Students have an opportunity to re-test on summative assessments if they have scored a 60% or lower.

All grades will be weighted as follows: 

Formative:   50% 

Summative: 50% 

Formative assignments include tasks such as:  homework, classwork, quizzes, interactive notebooks, etc. 

Summative assessments include tasks such as:  unit exams, major projects, developed writing pieces, etc

Score  Percentage Meaning

5         100%  Student has mastered the standard to the highest level

4          80%   Student has mostly mastered the standard, needs                                      some practice for full mastery

3          60%    Student has progressed in the standard, partially                                       mastered, but still needs assistance

2          40%    Student has mastered a small part of the standard,                                    but needs more practice to master

1          20%    Student has not mastered the standard & needs                                         additional work/practice to master

0            0%     Student did not complete the assessment and/or                                        cheated on the assessment


General Topics:


Lab Safety

Potential Energy

Electromagnets and Electric Motors

Thermal Energy Transfer

Energy/Matter/Mass/Kinetic Energy

Chemical Reactions and Atoms

Endothermic/Exothermic Reactions

Waves: Amplitude/Frequency/Energy

Waves: Modeling 


Body Systems 

Animal Behaviors and Plant Structures

Environmental and Genetic Factors 

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration


Late and Make-Up Work:

In the event of an excused absence, it will be the student’s responsibility to ask and look for what work was missed. There is a make-up work folder in my room that has the following day's assignment.   Any assignment not turned in will be given a grade of zero.


Please don’t hesitate to email me should have any further questions or concerns.  My best form of contact will be e-mail at the following address or calling the school:

 Please sign up for remind:

Text 81010 and send: @mcnabbms


Text 81010 and send: @hmcnabbsci

Welcome to 7th grade science, let the learning begin!! 




Baesha Bridges


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