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Hello! My name is Daniel Diedrich. I was raised here in Mt. Sterling and went to middle and high school here! This is my fourth year teaching, third at McNabb! I have a Bachelors degree from Morehead State University and a Masters degree from Morehead State University. I am the assistant tennis coach and athletic director for the middle school. I love Math, Geometry in particular. I also enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, riding horses, woodworking, gardening, camping, anything outdoors. I am also a huge bluegrass fan. I love Ale-8 and my favorite food is Hibachi. I look forward to getting to know every one of you!

"Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach." - Albert Einstein

I will be teaching 7th Grade Mathematics this year. Class begins August 11th. Office Hours: (11:12 AM - 12:42 PM)



8:25-8:30  Homeroom

8:30-9:27-  1st Period

9:29-10:23- 2nd Period

10:25-11:10- 3rd Period

11:12-12:42- Planning/Lunch

12:44-1:38- 5th Period

1:40-2:34- 6th Period

2:36-3:30- 7th Period




All grades will be weighted as follows: 

Formative:   50% 

Summative: 50% 


Formative assignments include tasks such as:  homework, classwork, quizzes, interactive notebooks, etc. 

Summative assessments include tasks such as:  unit exams, major projects, developed writing pieces, etc. 


Standards-Based Grading Scale: 

Score     Percentage         Meaning
5              100%                     Student has mastered the standard to the highest level
4              80%                        Student has mostly mastered the standard, needs some practice for full mastery
3              60%                        Student has progressed in the standard, partially mastered, but still needs assistance
2              40%                        Student has mastered a small part of the standard, but needs more practice to master
1              20%                        Student has not mastered the standard & needs additional work/practice to master
0              0%                          Student did not complete the assessment and/or cheated on the assessment 


Grading Scale: 


90%-100%: A 

80%-89%:  B 

70%-79%:  C 

60%-69%:  D 

59% and below:  F 


Make Up Work: 

  • Make up work One day per day missed plus ONE ( ex. Student misses Monday, gets work Tuesday, Works on work Wednesday, turns in Thursday)












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