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Holly Burke 

8th Grade

English Langauge Arts

McNabb Middle School

859-497-8770 ext: 7504



Hello future students and families, 

My name is Holly Burke and I am an English Language Arts teacher at McNabb Middle School! I earned my undergraduate degree at Morehead State University where I studied Middle School Education specializing in English Langauge Arts and Social Studies. This past spring I earned my master's degree in P-12 counseling. It is my mission to make my classroom a safe place for all students and to promote a culture for learning beyond the classroom and walls of McNabb. 

I recently got married, bought a house, and adopted two dogs, Johnny Cash and Jesse. I enjoy reading, eating snacks of all kinds (mainly chips and salsa), and love to watch old school t.v. shows like "I Love Lucy", "Brady Brunch", "Happy Days", and more. 

If you have any questions or just want to check in with me, I am available via email and am always willing to schedule a phone conversation or in-person meeting. 

General Topics Covered

Reading Informational 

Reading Literature 


Language Usage 



All grades will be weighted as follows: 

Formative:   50%-  homework, classwork, quizzes, interactive notebooks, etc.

Summative: 50% -unit exams, major projects, developed writing pieces, etc. 


Standards-Based Grading Rubric            

Score     Percentage         Meaning

5          100%       Student has mastered the target to the highest level.

4          80%         Student has mostly mastered the target, needs some practice for full mastery.

3          60%        Student has partially mastered the target, but still needs assistance.

2          40%         Student has mastered a small part of the target, but needs more practice.

1          20%         Student has not mastered the target and needs additional practice.

0          0%           Student did not complete the assessment and/or cheated on the assignment.


Makeup Work Policy: One day per day missed plus ONE ( ex. Student misses Monday, gets work Tuesday, Works on work Wednesday, turns in Thursday)

Classroom Expectations 

  • Be Ready 
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible 


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