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Kim Crouch
6th Grade Math

Phone: 859-497-8770 ext. 7106




Hello! Welcome to 6th Grade Math

I'm Kim Crouch. For the 2022-2023 school year, I will be teaching 6th grade Math at McNabb Middle School. I am starting my 7th year and I am thrilled to be teaching in Montgomery County! I have had a passion for math since I was very young. I look forward to teaching all of my students and meeting their families! 



There will be two categories for grading: Summative Assessments (tests) is 50% of your student's total grade and Formative Assessments (bellringers/classwork) make up 50%. These scores are then averaged each nine weeks to create a final grade. Below is the scoring for Summative Assessments. Students have an opportunity to re-test on summative assessments if they have scored a 60% or lower. 

Score  Percentage Meaning

5         100%     Student has mastered the standard to the highest level

4          80%      Student has mostly mastered the standard, needs some practice for full mastery

3          60%      Student has progressed in the standard, partially mastered, but still needs assistance

2          40%      Student has mastered a small part of the standard, but needs more practice to master

1          20%      Student has not mastered the standard & needs additional work/practice to master

0            0%       Student did not complete the assessment and/or cheated on the assessment


Late and Make-Up Work:

In the event of an excused absence, it will be the student’s responsibility to ask and look for what work was missed.  All assignments and daily activities will be posted on Schools PLP and located in a make-up work folder in class.  Make-Up Work will be ONE day per day missed plue ONE (ex., Student misses Monday, gets work Tuesday, Works on work Wednesday, turns in Thursday.)
Additionally, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule an appropriate time to make up tests and/ or quizzes. Any assignment not turned in will be given a grade of zero.


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