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7th Grade


Phone: (859) 497-8770 Ext. 7409


Welcome, my name is Mrs. Jacqueline Orme! I am 32 years young! I live in Owingsville with my husband Joshua and our four daughters; Riley, Kaylie, Kourtney, and Cristina. We also have many fur babies! Apollo the Rottweiler, Lola the sheep-a-doodle, and Teddy the micro-doodle. We have chickens, a cow named Cupid, and a goat named Button. We have 3 horses; Beauty, Misty and Melody. We also run a horse boarding business for fun.  I enjoy coaching soccer, crafting & being with friends and family. I will be your child’s 7th-grade math or MOCO Honors math teacher for the 2022-2023 school year! This will be my third year teaching and what an exciting time it is to join this profession! I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Middle Grades Education in Mathematics and Social Studies in May of 2020. I was fortunate to complete my student teaching at McNabb Middle School in the Spring of 2020. I hope to get to know your child and learn a ton from them and you!



All grades will be weighted as follows: 

Formative:   50% 

Summative: 50% 

Formative assignments include tasks such as:  homework, classwork, quizzes, interactive notebooks, etc. 

Summative assessments include tasks such as:  unit exams, major projects, developed writing pieces, etc. 

Score  Percentage Meaning

5         100%  Student has mastered the standard to the highest level

4          80%   Student has mostly mastered the standard, needs some practice for full mastery

3          60%    Student has progressed in the standard, partially mastered, but still needs assistance

2          40%    Student has mastered a small part of the standard, but needs more practice to master

1          20%    Student has not mastered the standard & needs additional work/practice to master

0            0%     Student did not complete the assessment and/or cheated on the assessment



Late and Make-Up Work:

In the event of an excused absence, it will be the student’s responsibility to ask and look for what work was missed. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule an appropriate time to make up tests and/or quizzes. Any assignment not turned in will be given a grade of zero. Students will also need to make sure they copy any notes they missed into their Interactive Notebook (INB) from Google Classroom or my notebook in class.


Please don’t hesitate to email me should have any further questions or concerns.  My best form of contact will be e-mail at the following address:

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