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COVID-19 Case & Quarantine Live Dashboard

The Montgomery County Schools’ live COVID-19 Case and Quarantine Dashboard is now available at the link below.  As we are informed by the Montgomery County Health Department of either positive cases or contacts who have been quarantined amongst our students and staff, we will report those numbers using this dashboard.  The dashboard is updated automatically so the public can access this dashboard at any time.

Please keep in mind a few important points:

  • There will be some discrepancy in numbers between this dashboard and what is available on the “K-12 School Public Health Report” on the State Department of Public Health’s website.  This is due to lag time in reporting to the state and to the start date of data reporting for each report.
  • The Montgomery County Schools’ dashboard contains cases and quarantines beginning on 8/31/2020 (when instruction began) and moving forward.
  • All student cases/quarantines are included under “Students (Virtual)” if they occurred prior to 9/28/2020 which is when in-person instruction will resume.
  • The Montgomery County Schools’ dashboard is updated as we receive information from the Montgomery County Health Department.
  • # of New Positive:  If a new case is reported on a given day, the case will be reported on that day as a new case.
  • # of Active Cases:  This indicates how many students/staff are being treated as an active, positive case by the Health Department
  • # Ever Positive (since 8/31/20):  This indicates the total number of students/staff who have been counted as positive at any time since 8/31/2020 to the present.
  • # of Contacts Currently Quarantined:  This indicates the current number of students/staff who have been told to quarantine by the Health Department due to “direct contact” with a positive case.  Once someone is released from quarantine by the health department, they are no longer included in this number.
  • Students (In-Person): Positive cases or quarantines for students who attend any in-person instruction at Camargo, Mapleton, MSE, Northview, McNabb, MCHS, or Sterling School will be indicated here.  In-person instruction does not begin until 9/28/2020.
  • Students (Virtual): Positive cases or quarantines for students who have chosen to be instructed through My MoCo Online will be indicated here. 


Live Dashboard.

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