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Human Resources

Montgomery County Schools in Mount Sterling, Kentucky is committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for the students of Montgomery County.  In furtherance of this commitment, the Superintendent and staff are committed to selecting the most highly qualified staff available. 

The Human Resources department provides services for employment in certified, classified, substitute and extra duty/ coaching positions, as well as student teachers & observers and contract workers. 
The Superintendent and staff work to ensure that the schools are administered in a manner which will not discriminate against any employees or applicants for employment, either in recruiting, hiring, placement, training, reduction, transfer, promotion or termination because of race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, or disability.

Equal Employment Opportunity: Montgomery County Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.


Types of Positions and Links to Job Vacancies

Certified Staff 

Teachers, Counselors, Speech/Language Pathologists, School Psychologists, etc.

Classified Staff 

Instructional Assistants (Preschool, Kindergarten, Special Education, Front Office), Custodians, School Nutrition, Child Care, Bus Drivers/Monitors, etc. 

Certified Administrative Positions 

Principals, Assistant Principals, District Administrators, etc.

Substitute Positions 

Part-Time/As Needed: Substitute Teachers & Classified Substitute positions to include Instructional Assistants, Custodians, Bus Drivers, Child Care, Nutrition, etc.

Extra Duty/Coaching Positions 

Part-Time, Single year term



For employment, State Law requires a national and state fingerprint criminal history check and a letter, provided by the individual, from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, stating the applicant has no findings of substantiated child abuse or neglect. 





Substitute Teachers:
Applicants may qualify to substitute teach without full teacher certification if they have 64+ college hours and a 2.5 or greater GPA. Substitutes that are at the Rank 4 or Rank 5 levels (no teaching certificate) are required to complete an emergency substitute certification(TC-4) request on-line annually.  

Initially, an online account must be created in the Kentucky Educator Credentialing System (KECS).  Once the school district hires a substitute teacher, official transcripts are required to to be kept on file. (Electronic transcripts are only accepted if sent directly to HR staff from the Student Clearinghouse or other transcript service.)

The school district will initiate the certification application and the substitute must log in to their KECS account to complete the Character & Fitness portion of the application.  Once complete, the annual emergency substitute certificate is issued. Certification must be on file before individuals are permitted to substitute teach.

3400 Indian Mound Drive
Mt. Sterling, Kentucky  40353
(859) 497-8760


Dr. Rick Culross - Deputy Superintendent of Support Operations   

Candace Hunt - Human Resources Manager 

Chastity Dyer - Human Resources Assistant