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Migrant Education

What is the Migrant Education Program?
The Migrant Education Program (MEP) provides supplemental educational and support services to migratory children. The MEP assists local schools with improving and coordinating the educational continuity for the children of migratory farm workers who have had their schooling interrupted. We work in close collaboration with schools, intermediate units, and community agencies to help migratory children meet the same high standards expected of all children by coordinating and supporting services that sustain and accelerate their progress in school.

Is my child eligible for services?
Your children may qualify for the benefits of the MEP if; 

  • You have moved in the last three years (36 months) to seek work in agriculture or fishing.
  • Your children moved with you or joined you at a later date.
If you answered YES,  you may qualify for our MEP program! Please call (859) 497-8730.