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Montgomery County Schools invites families and other supporters to participate in our educational community! We need all kinds of volunteers to help make sure our students have an enriching experience in the classroom and beyond. We welcome all parents, grandparents, and community members to be a part of Montgomery County Schools’ Volunteer Program.  Volunteers serve as tutors, mentors, and business partners providing valuable support to our schools. We sincerely hope that as an MCS volunteer, you find the experience as rewarding for you as it will be for an MCS student.

Before you volunteer in a classroom or attend a field trip, a background check is required. Please allow two weeks to process the background check. We value our volunteers! The district will cover the cost of each background check. Complete the following and return to any school front office within the school district or Central Office at 3400 Indian Mound Drive, Mt. Sterling. Background checks are needed every three years. If you aren't sure if yours is still valid, please ask Amy McCleese in Community Education at (859) 497-8760 ext. 6015.

Volunteering as a Boat Fishing Captain?

If you are volunteering as a boat fishing captain for the Montgomery County Bass Fishing Team, you will need to complete the Child Abuse or Neglect (CAN) Check. See below for instructions on how to create an account on the Kentucky Online Gateway and complete the CAN Check form. You will be responsible for the $10 online payment for the CAN Check.

If you have questions or want additional information, please get in touch with Amy McCleese.