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Rank Change Portfolio

This page is my teacher portfolio for Rank II as part of my completion of my Master’s in Music Education degree from the University of Kentucky.

Teacher Portfolio Reflection Statement


Standard 1:  The teacher demonstrates applied content knowledge

Philosophy of Music Education

Here are some samples of my graduate work in Music Education:
Article Summary for Orff     Research Paper      Community Music Paper


Standard 2: The teacher designs and plans instruction

Various Orff based lessons for grades 1-4      Sample Curriculum Map


Standard 3: The teacher creates and maintains learning climate

Music Class Management Plan


Standard 4: The teacher implements and manages instruction

Pictures/Videos taken in my class during instruction:   

1        2        3        4        5        6        7        8         9

Pictures/Videos taken during student performances:     

1        2        3        4


Standard 5: The teacher assesses and communicates learning results

Sample assessments        1        2        3

Video clip of informal student performance during class


Standard 6:  The teacher demonstrates the implementation of technology

Internet Scavenger Hunt


Standard 7: Reflects on and evaluates teaching and learning

Reflection on my Orff project and Implementation into my classroom


Standard 8: Collaborates with colleagues/parents/others

Video clip of my collaboration with P.E. Teacher in Dance

Video clip of Staff choir singing at the Holiday Celebration

Vertical Planning   Collaborate with Classroom teachers in the Math content area

Horizontal Planning    Collaborate with other Elementary Music Educators across the district


Standard 9: Evaluates teaching and implements professional development

Each year I attend the KMEA Professional Development Conference and bring activities back to my classroom.

KMEA Booklet

I have also attended the National Orff-Schulwerk Convention, in which I attended many sessions and brought back activities to my classroom.

AOSA National Convention Booklet


Standard 10: Provides leadership within school/community/profession

I serve in various leadership roles within our school.

The following are email samples of correspondence between the teachers in my building and myself.

1        2        3        4        5





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