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Class Rules


Mrs. Miller's Classroom Rules


1. Follow directions quickly.
2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.

3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
4. Make smart choices.
5. Keep your dear teacher happy. (The class earns smiley faces for on-task behavior. I remind the students that a large amount
of smiley faces means a great deal of learning is occurring which makes me "VERY HAPPY".)


We use a Stop Light Chart to track student behavior. All students begin the day on "Ready to Learn". If a student breaks a class rule, the teacher counts to 3, reminding the student to follow directions quickly. Failure to comply by the count of 3 will result in the student moving their magnet to:

Green (Strike 1) -  Warning 1
Yellow  (Strike 2) - Warning 2
Red (Strike 3)  - Consequence such as -10 Minutes Recess,  Parent Note Home, or "Take a Break" (Time-Out)

After the student receives a consequence, he/she moves their magnet back to "Ready to Learn ".  The student gets a fresh start at making good choices the remainder of the day.

This "Counting to 3" method works really well! Students learn very quickly that they only have to the count of 3 to correct their behavior and most will correct their behavior by the count of 1.  This "Counting to 3" method works great at home too!

 Students are rewarded with stickers throughout the day for following class rules, working hard, and showing kindness to others.
**When a student has 10 stickers on his/her reward chart, he/she will get to pick an object from the treasure box. ***


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