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The Road to College Junior Checklist


o Talk with your school counselor or college coach about
your options and plans.
o Ask about test dates for the PSAT, ACT and SAT. You’ll
need to register up to six weeks ahead of time.
o Start investigating sources of financial aid.
o Review and search colleges on Go to
college fairs and open houses and check out schools’
o Begin planning college visits.
o Take the PSAT. You’ll get the results by Christmas.
o Consider signing up for ACT or SAT prep courses. The
state requires all juniors in public high schools to take
the ACT.
o Decide if you should take AP exams in May.
o Research summer enrichment and honors programs
o Review your transcript each year to make sure you’ll
meet graduation and admissions requirements.


o  Check your KEES award for freshman and sophomore
o Meet with your school counselor to set your senior
o Review Getting In. This free publication from KHEAA
provides information about college admission and
financial aid.
o Ask about APand dual credit courses.
o Complete your personalized copy of Getting the Facts at


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