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The Road to College Checklist (9th & 10th)

o Take electives that involve your interests.
o Sign up for honors courses. College admissions
counselors look not only at your GPA but also at the
classes you took to earn those grades.
o Go to and register for a free, personalized
o Start a file for report cards, lists of awards and honors,
lists of school and community activities (including both
paid and volunteer work) and descriptions of what you
o Get involved — volunteerism, extracurricular activities.
o Think about what career you may like to have when
you get out of school. It will help when deciding on a
college if you know what majors interest you.
o Explore careers at
o Prepare for the ACT PLAN test, which the state
requires sophomores in public high schools to take,
and review results.
o Take the PSAT in October. It’s good practice for when
you take the PSAT as a junior.
o Consider taking AP, IB and dual credit courses.
o Register in April for any SAT Subject Tests you want
to take in June

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