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Schedule Change Policy

Last day for 2020/2021 schedule changes is Friday, September 3.




In order for students to make changes to their schedules, it must must one of the following requirements:


  1. Student has an incomplete schedule.
  2. Student is scheduled in a class they have already passed.
  3. Student is missing a class in core area OR class needed for graduation.
  4. Student is missing a class for career pathway (11th and 12th grade).
  5. Double scheduled in one class (example- Student has English 1 both 1B/2B).
  6. Student can’t change level of course (down) unless dictated by assessment scores, after summer schedule change period .  (example- Student has Honors English 1 and wants to move to English 1).  After summer schedule change period, student can change course with parent/teacher/student conference.
  7. Student can’t change level of course (up) unless they have completed the AP/Honors course contract OR dictated by required assessment scores.


We will NOT make these changes that have been common in the past:


  1. Change teacher for same course.  Student/Parent must set up parent conference to make change.
  2. If requested change prohibits student from completing pathway (11th and 12th grade).
  3. Student didn’t get a class they wanted.
  4. Change classes to be with another peer.

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